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We are changing the game of IT consulting & outsourcing. We pride ourselves on quality development without unnecessary costs and open communication.

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What we can do for you?
Ecompsys is your partner, your right hand, your problem solver. We focus on forming a strong relationship with our clients and help them in building successful products.

Product design

We believe in a user-centric approach. UX/UI is not about features but experience. Great UX/UI can increase your conversions by dozens of percent. The whole customer journey must be intuitive and good looking. We will help you with prototyping, UX/UI design, usability engineering, and even cool illustrations.
Web application development using CSS, React, Javascript and Redux
The mobile developer is developing mobile application in the illustration

Web applications

Web app development is a difficult process. We can help you save money by choosing the right technology and by building high-performance machines. Whether you want a one-page app or complex e-commerce site, we will create the product you need for your business to succeed.
A brain illustrating a backend application driving the hardware

Mobile applications

Join the growing mobile market and make better user-experience for your users with a mobile app. We will build you fast and easy to use mobile apps for iOS and Android with the latest technologies such as Swift, Kotlin, React Native or Flutter. The technology and development approach will be tailor made to your needs to save your business money.

Backend applications

We are able to build a fast, scalable, and secured 'brain' which drives your web or mobile applications. Our backend apps run as smoothly as Swiss-made watches using Node.js, Typescript, PHP or Python, with integrated both external and custom-built APIs. We transform your needs into optimal solutions.
UI designer drawing the illustration using a pen
QA tester is finding 	bugs in the software

QA & testing

What's a horror scene? When an app crashes before its user makes a conversion. Our quality assurance engineers will detect all bugs before they get a chance to affect the users. Thanks to modern tools, optimized processes, we will craft your product to perfection.
A fully prepared and syncronized team prepared for a client

IT Staff augmentation

Having the right team is critical for any project to succeed. Meet the deadlines and highest quality standards by hiring Ecompsys's offshore development team. Our top-notch engineers and designers can collaborate with your in-house staff or serve as your on-demand development team. You'll have access to our deep knowledge base without expensive overhead costs.
Our key values
Our focus is not only to provide you with high-quality work and experts, but we also aim to add additional value in different fields of expertise.
Product export with certificate

Building great products is our passion

Our team members are certified experts with proven track record in building successful products for startups, enterprises and governments. We will guide you through the whole Product Management Lifecycle, and help you analyse, define, and determine, if an investment in each feature is worth it.
Senior technical engineers working as one team

Tech Gurus

You don't need to be a skilled engineer to communicate with Ecompsys. Don't worry about technicalities. Our team of senior engineers will take care of it. Most of our engineers have management experience as Tech leads or from CTO positions. Thanks to our team's technical skills and seniority, they deliver more quality work and quicker than others. And so help to reduce your costs.
Skilled project manager controling money of a client

We are project managers at heart

PMI and Prince2 certified with 8+ years of experience. We know what risk, change management means, how to set up PMO... Our main focus is Agile development but we can also jump into the Waterfall. And if you ever get lost, don't worry! We will always keep you informed and explain our moves to you in plain language.
An engineer launching a spaceship
We founded a startup, worked for startups, and also built many startups for our clients
Thanks to our vast experience, we know how to operate in such an extremely challenging environment. We have learned the important lessons first hand and can keep up with the fast pace of today's market. We will effortlessly guide you through this otherwise exhausting process.

Let's bring your idea to life!

How we work

As experts in value-driven development, we stick to our predefined processes
The process of value driven development used by Ecompsys
Jimmy the expert illustration
Ecompsys WHO?
Ecompsys was founded after many years of working on the agencies side, managing startups, and building products in the largest of enterprises. Throughout our careers we have experienced quite deceptive practices when it comes to development agencies. They always promised success, great partnership and code quality, but after signing of the contract, they suddenly suffered a severe memory loss. The collaboration became a nightmare, costs increased rapidly, deadlines were unmet, and delivered work was substandard. We decided to put our resources and experience together, in order to change how things work. And that is why Ecompsys was born. We want to build products people love, and always meet your expectations. Let's change the game!
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